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    Well-being retreats
    Well-being retreats



The headquarters of our retreats is in Tamoanchan, thirty minutes from the fishing village Chacala, on the coast of the Riviera Nayarit. It is a ceremonial center nestled in the Sierra Madre Occidental, between valleys and steep mountains. Away from every city and town. It is a center of studies of different spiritual traditions, where we perform different rituals and Ceremonies such as the Vision Quest, the Dance of the Sun, the Star Dance, Medicine Ceremonies, Temazcales, and a place to remember and honor the memory of our ancestors through art, painting, singing, poetry and dance, in different altars, in different rituals.

Now we have the opportunity to share with our guests the magic of this wonderful place. We have a hostel house to host couples and groups in shared rooms, we also have camping area. We serve healthy and nutritious food with local dishes, with fresh fruits and vegetables from the area mostly organic.

Our retreats are a different alternative focused on health, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Included in our services:

  • Lodging and food. Three meals a day.
  • Purification Ceremony Sweat lodge.
  • Guided hikes through the jungle, bird watching, introduction into the biodiversity of the area, as well the cultural and spiritual legacy of México.
  • Chanting workshops and meditation circles at night.

Optional services.

  • Medicine Ceremony.
  • Yoga and meditation classes.
  • Therapeutic massages.
  • Tour to the archaeological site Altavista Petroglyphs.

Service to private groups.

For further information please call us.


The spiritual retreats have been a very important practice of the human being since very remote times for his connection with the divine, with nature and with himself.

In these times where the human being has been ripped away from its essence, from its connection with nature, with the sacred, with the Universe, in these times where many people find themselves disoriented, distracted, lost, sick, not knowing what path to take or what to do with their lives, we look for something that can fill that internal void and ask ourselves: ¿Where do I come from? ¿Where am I going? ¿What to do with my life? ¿What direction to take? In these times when it has seemed we had a blindfold, that we were living an illusion.

The spiritual retreats are an excellent opportunity to reconnect with our higher self, with our spiritual being, to reconnect with nature. It is a moment of peace, unique for our growth, our evolution and mainly for our mental and physical health.

They are spaces where we can find silence, observe the mountains, listen to the music of nature, breathe fresh air and focus on the inner work.

The fact of moving away from the current pace of life, stress, noise from the city, pollution and daily routine, gives us a moment of reflection, allows us to see things from a different perspective, allows us to be the observer of our life, to be the architect of our destiny. To take that time for ourselves helps us make the necessary adjustments to improve our quality of life. In this way we can see the different situations of our life and take them as an opportunity for growth and evolution.

The retreat also offers the opportunity to meet like-minded people with our way of thinking, with the same concerns of growth and well-being. The opportunity to spend time or make friends with people that contributes with good things and good moments of coexistence.

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