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+52 1 322 182 60 84
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We are a family business dedicated to share with our local and foreign visitors the natural beauty, culture, magic, traditions, rituals and ceremonies of our beloved Mexico and the state of Nayarit.

At Nayarit Wild, our goal is to offer our visitors a private, exclusive and quality service.

Our staff is composed of women and medicine men, artists, biologists, therapists and free thinkers committed to the caring and preservation of nature and culture, ready to share of themselves and their thoughts with our guests for a collective consciousness.

We offer personalized attention to couples, families, small and large groups.

There is a selection of places and activities to ensure that your experience is an enriching and entertaining one.

We seek to incorporate activities and places that go beyond the conventional and comercial so that our visitors walk away with an original and unique experience.

We aim to show the marvels of the Riviera Nayarit and allow our visitors the chance to connect with the magic of the culture and natural world of Mexico, making this a friendly, humane, education and transcendental experience.

We do everything possible so that our trips, ceremonies and retreats are environmentally friendly, have the least impact possible on the natural environment of our surroundings, recognizing nature as our source of life and inspiration that deserves our utmost respect.

We help local communitites by channeling the energy of our guests into local projects and initiatives.

We are open to sharing of our culture and traditions, knowing that the traveler who arrives at our doorstep is looking for something, hoping to come in touch with Mexico’s greatest treasures: its culture and its biodiversity. It is our honor and our committment to share these with those who are willing to come experience them with open hearts and minds. We offer our visitors experiences that awaken love and respect for nature and all things that make the miracle of life possible.

Always hoping to be of service.

José Kuriziri Villaseñor Zamora.

Director general de Nayarit Wild.

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