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My name in the Tradition is Kuri Ziri which means Fire Corn in Purépecha language. Originally from Tenochtitlan (Mexico City). Mestizo from Mexican father and mother, with Otomí-Tolteca ancestry on my maternal grandmother side, while recognizing my mestizo blood, I declare myself indigenous by conviction. Since i was a child I was fascinated by ancient cultures, particulary Mesoamerican cultures and their spititual legacy. I had different spiritual teachers since I was 9 years old, being initiated in the science of pendulum, biomagnetism, reiki and acupuncture.

In my search for the expansion of consciousness, and physical and mental health, I have participated in many Ceremonies from different traditions: Wixarika, Maya, Purépecha, Mexica, Shuar, Santo Dime, Lakota, Navajo, Okiwa, among others. That for me had been and continue to be a source of motivation, inspiration and knowledge.

With more than 20 years of trajectory in the tourist sector, I am an experienced guide in hiking, camping, bird watching, whale watching, water activities, mountain biking, etc., and in the planning, development and execution of excursions by land and sea.

For more than 11 years I have been an active member of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan and the Cultural Foundation Camino Rojo A.C.

More than 11 years ago, I began my training to conduct Spiritual Ceremonies and Temazcales. I started at the Vision Quest Ceremony, which consisted of four years where the person climbs mountain in solitude, meditation and complete fasting of water and food. The first year is 4 days, the second 7 days, the third 9 days and the fourth year ends with 13 days.

The Dance of the Sun: this is a commitment for life. The ritual consists of 4 days of dancing to the sun's rays in full fasting of water and food. I have participated year after year in this Ceremony for the last 10 years. I have also supported and helped people in their process of evolution and personal growth.

I received the blessing from my elders to lead the Sacred Temazcal. Since then I have had a permanent Temazcal at home, which we prepare every Full Moon, New Moon, Solstices, Equinoxes and when it is required to help and assist our people. My experience goes from the construction, planning and it´s conduction.

I was ordained Spiritual Leader and Medicine Man by the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan.

I have received direct instruction from my teachers, mentors and friends, Aurelio Diaz Tekpankalli and Yaci Orquera, heads of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan. I am the guardian and custodian of the Sacred Pipe-Chanupa. I organize collections and activities to help the people who need it most.

I firmly believe that the human being as an energetic and luminous being is capable of doing great things. I believe that each person is born with a talent and a mission in this life. From my own evolution and growth it is my greatest desire to help our people to find it, it is our grain of sand, our contribution, in these times so important for the destiny of humanity.

Our ancestors knew that the well-being of one is the well-being of all, In the Kesh Ala Ken, I am you and you are me, it means that we are oneself.

We are all related, we are all relatives, we are all family.

For all my relationships.

Aho Metakiaze.

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