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    Native Mystical Wedding



The Native Mystic Wedding is a ceremony based on the ancient traditions of the indigenous nations of the American continent, in which we have rescued elements of pre-hispanic origin to unite the marrying couple in a spiritual bond.

For more than 500 years these ceremonies have been kept by the guardians of the tradition and have been passed down orally from one generation to the next. For us it is a pleasure and an honor to continue performing and sharing these ceremonies in these times.

The Native Mystical Wedding is a highly emotional ceremony meant to reach the heart of the couple and the attendees. Description:

When the bride and groom enter the altar space, they are received with copal smoke, songs, chants and the music of the drum.

The purpose of the ceremony is presented: the spiritual union of the couple.

Using the sound of the conch shell, we guide the bride and groom and their guests to ask for the permission and blessings from the guardians of the four directions: North, South, East and West, as well as the heart of Heaven, the heart of the Earth, and in the very core, the heart of the Universe.

The couple is covered with a mantle that is tied with seven ribbons.

The mantle symbolizes the universe that covers and holds the sacred commitment of love from the couple. It represents a Sacred Mantle protecting this bond.

The seven ribbons symbolize the most important virtues for us: red for humility, yellow for the will, black for sincerity, white for integrity, green for Mother Earth, the blue for Father Sky and purple for the Love that sustains life.

So with the mantle and tied with ribbons, the couple walks four times around the altar. This symbolizes their taking the journey of life together, and blessing the path so that it is a good one.

In this movement, godparents or relatives can participate at the request of the couple.

The couple will be given the blessing of water, seeds and flowers.

With the rose water, we bless the couple with transparency and fluidity. With seeds, abundance and offspring. With the flowers, the couple will attract affection and sweetness.

The couple then partakes in sharing water, fruit, sweet chocolate and bitter chocolate. Praying that in your life and on your path, you can share everything together in abundance, in times of health and illness, in good times and in bad times, so that you can share together the sweet moments and the bitter ones.

These movements are accompanied by incense and the aromatic smoke of the copal, with ceremonial songs and the heart beat of the drum in the background.

They receive the blessings of the four elementals: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

Prayers are made for the bride and groom to receive all the love, strength, health, understanding, abundance and creativity in their relationship and their journey together.

Then the couple, looking into each other's eyes and speaking from the heart, will make their vows of love and commitment. At this moment they give each other the rings.

Family members and godparents can express themselves at this time at the request of the couple, to give the couple their advice and good wishes.

In the presence of the spiritual guardians, Heaven and Earth, Mother and Father, Ometeotl the grand creator, the two declare themselves husband and wife, partner and companion. The groom can then kiss the bride.

The ceremony is performed in a natural environment and an offering is made to the Earth.

The Native Mystic Wedding Ceremony is a way to honor and share our cultural and ancestral heritage, uniting in marriage as we honor the way our ancestors did so.

The ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes. The cost of the ceremony is $ 10,000 pesos. An advance of 50% is requested prior to solidify the date of the wedding ceremony. This payment includes everything described above, as well as a commemorative document and two surprise gifts for the bride and groom.

Optional services:

A purification bath in the Temazcal is recommended one day before the wedding ceremony to clarify the mind, calm the emotions and strengthen the body. This exclusive temazcal is at an additional cost of $ 3000 pesos.

A walk through of the ceremony can be done at the request of the couple. This holds an additional cost of $ 1500 pesos.

Our spiritual path and our ceremonies recognize all people, races, beliefs and thoughts within the diversity of the great human family.

We remain at your service.

Carolina Molinari y José Kuriziri.

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